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Fees and rebates

Session Fee

The fee per standard session (50 minutes) is $200.

The fee per extended session (90 minutes) is $290

Full-time students are eligible for a reduced fee of $180 per standard session and $261 per extended session.

Rebate Amount

The Medicare rebate is $96.65 per session

This applies to both standard and extended sessions. 

Medicare rebates are higher in certain circumstances, such as when you have reached your annual Medicare safety net or if you are on a Centrelink payment.

Out-of-pocket Cost

The out-of-pocket cost is $103.35 per standard session, and $193.35 per extended session.

Clients using the student discount will have an out-of-pocket cost of $83.35 and $164.35 per standard and extended session respectively.

If you request I write a report or support letter, this may incur an additional fee, depending on the detail required.


To be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you must have a valid referral (i.e. a Mental Health Care Plan) from a GP under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

If you have an eating disorder, you may be eligible for an Eating Disorder Plan. Your GP will be able to advise which referral is most appropriate for you.

Rebate Exclusions

Medicare rebates cannot be claimed for sessions that were not attended. You are liable for the full invoiced amount for sessions that are cancelled outside of the cancellation period. Also note that if you arrive late for your session, this may decrease the Medicare rebate amount you are entitled to for that session, resulting in a higher out-of-pocket cost for you.

Annual Limits

A Mental Health Care Plan allows for 10 rebated sessions per calendar year.  

An Eating Disorder Plan allows for up to 40 sessions per 12-month period. You will need a new referral after every 10 sessions.

Notice Policy

If you are no longer able to attend your appointment, you must contact the practice to reschedule with at least 48 hours notice. This allows the practice time to contact clients who are on our waitlist, or who need urgent care, to fill your vacated appointment slot.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will usually incur a 50% cancellation fee, at the discretion of the clinician. We understand that sometimes a sudden illness or an unexpected event may mean that you are not able to provide 48 hours notice. If this is the case, please contact us as soon as you can to let us know what has happened.

Private Health

If you would prefer to self-refer for psychological support rather than seek a Mental Health Care Plan, private health insurance may cover some costs of treatment. It is best to speak with your insurance provider directly to find out what cover you are eligible for under your policy.

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